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What Is NK-NEFT OOO And Petroleum Exploration and refining Platform And Why Use Our Platform ?

NK-NEFT OOO and Petroleum Exploration and refining is a favored and trusted market place for an increasing number of oil and gas traders. This, however, is not without some exciting reasons. In today's global oil markets, decisions about where, how and when to act are dynamic and need the best information to guide you to the best results.

NK-NEFT OOO and Petroleum Exploration and refining helps you make these decisions by examining every aspect of the global oil market, including demand, inventories, refining, infrastructure and trade flows, helping to improve market transparency and your understanding of emerging trends.

It also provides clients with in-depth and independent analyses of worldwide crude and petroleum products markets, including fundamentals data, price forecasting, and insights into market developments and emerging trends. Whether you are selling, buying or trading crude or products, our global oil coverage provides commercially oriented analysis of supply/demand fundamentals and price movements — actual and forecast — across the globe.

Providing Trusted Expertise In the Oil & Petroleum Exploration and refining Business


NK-NEFT OOO and Petroleum Exploration and refining has its own exhaustive due diligence process in place

and we expect the same from all brokers and facilitators who wish to work with the platform. Brokers who are not direct to either the end buyers or the end sellers should avoid trying to contact us and waste valuable time.

We trade in more than


Countries Around the World

We trade more than


barrels of crude oil and products daily

We have more than



We generated 2019 revenue of


Billion US Dollars

Our teams work continuously to improve company REFINING AND SALES to mitigate risks and anticipate others that exist within the commodities trading sector. Our goal is to maintain the highest ethical standards and comply with all relevant rules and regulations wherever we operate.

Rial’s Compliance Department is bound by strong corporate governance, which provides a robust process for identifying risks and sound oversight to ensure effective risk mitigation. The Group Compliance Committee (GCC) serves as the main point of accountability for the Group’s Compliance activities. The GCC includes senior members of Gunvor’s Executive Committee, as well as representatives from Legal and Compliance. It reviews all aspects of the Compliance risk mitigation plan and acts as a point of escalation.

NK-NEFT OOO and Petroleum Exploration and refining is the premier supplier of trusted expertise to the oil and gas industry. We have accomplished this through our relentless focus on our Seller's objective, and by working diligently to achieve the goals of Qualified Buyers.We fully understand the capabilities of our Sellers and Trade Partners, and can quickly and efficiently match those capabilities against the needs of any Buyer. We employ only the best in the market, and each member of our team is committed to providing an unbiased perspective to help our customers


Rial has invested millions of dollars in the latest IT systems to assist with counterparty and agent due diligence and tracking, ensuring all employees have access to system data.



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